1. Group-based presentation on a topic selected for that week (20 minutes with 20 minutes discussion, 15%. Complete by April 19th). Groups of 2-3. The handout for this is below:

The timetable for the presentations:
7 Apple
Goople, Lefties
8 Nike
Stretchy Pants, Oreos
9 Disney
Oasis, Dream Team
10 recess

11 Starbucks
Don’t swallow magnets, Point Blank
12 Blank
Feel Goods, Group X (Cheng, Regan, Owens)
13 Tourism
Dutch Masters, Goople

2. Reading report on one of the academic articles listed in the Course Overview (1500 words, 25%. Complete by March 7. Valid articles marked by asterisk). Either individually or in pairs, in a way that mirrors or contests the ideas presented in the lecture classes.

3. Essay Plan outlining proposal and methodology for final essay (2-3 pages, 10%. Hand in April 4.)

4. Final essay on an approved topic, building upon previous assignments (2,000-3,000 words, 40%. Hand in on April 18.)

5. Class Participation (including attendance and active discussion, 10%)

Handouts will be made available online several weeks in advance of the assignment deadlines, and a portion of preceding classes will address the upcoming assignment.